lacie thumb drives

The last time I visited my parents’ house in Virginia, I found myself digging through my childhood closet. Buried under layers of old drawings and yearbooks were a few small pouches that contained mementos from our family’s trip to Italy. Next to a seriously crumbly (but not moldy!) packet of breadsticks I took from a pizza parlor in Rome was a wad of small Italian bills and some beautiful change. I have a serious fondness for coins, especially when they’re from other countries. I don’t collect them per se, but I’ve never been able to resist using coins as styling tools and materials for decoration when I have the chance. So when I saw these adorable USB drives at Object in Seattle, I immediately added them to my wish list. Each of these USB drives is shaped like a coin and slides right into the dock to hold anywhere from four to sixteen gigs of data. As long as you don’t mistake these for real change in your wallet, they’re perfect. I might have to grab a few for design week, when I’ll be uploading and downloading press images like a crazy person. Click here to check out and shop these USB drives online. xo, grace


Wow, I would never had guessed they were USB drives, that’s beautiful form and function at its best!


I’m a sentimental hoarder who has the hardest time getting rid of anything that makes me smile. So, I turned my coins from trips abroad into magnets. Every time I look at them it brings me back and now they aren’t hidden in a junk drawer anymore.