kelzuki state prints

My love of state-themed design knows no bounds. So naturally these beautiful state prints from Kelsey Oseid at Kelzuki just shot straight to the top of my “favorites” list. Each state outline is filled with the colors and pattern of that state’s official bird. I’ve never been a fan of my home state’s bird (the cardinal), but I love the way Kelsey combined that bright red with a khaki colored paper- it feels modern and does Virginia proud. Click here to check out and order all of her state prints online ($18 each). Thanks to Margie for the tip! xo, grace

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Stephanie Press

What a great idea! I love this kind of charm and creativity all in a neat little print. And also that it’s “bird” with a different context. And feathers, I kind of never get tired of those, either. Ha. Adorable.

Bri {collected}

I love her prints! I blogged about them not too long ago and then ended up getting one for my nursery. Congrats on the feature Kelsey!


Love them – just a shame there’s no Texas (my home state) or an Illinois for a friend whose birthday is coming up! We’re both transplants to the UK and having a reminder of my home state would be great. Will keep my fingers crossed!
Anyone know of any other cute state themed prints?


@charlie, click on the link in the post, both Texas and Illinois prints are in the etsy shop.


So fun! I just bought the TX and PA ones – home states for the husband and me. I wish the NY one was not sold.

Kelsey Oseid

Thanks so much for the post, Grace! You’re my hero.

To anyone looking for a missing state- they are all still available! Apologies for any that have not shown up in the shop, but they should all be there now (: