karolin schnoor

I’m a big fan of Karolin Schnoor’s illustration style. Her hands print is still one of my favorites from last year, so I’m always excited to see an update in her shop. After launching a new website, Karolin introduced a ton of new work, including some beautiful new prints, a birthday calendar, stationery and mugs. I love the black and white pieces, but that hot pink stationery has summer written all over it. If you’re interested in checking out or ordering any of Karolin’s new pieces, click here to visit her Etsy shop. xo, grace


I like them all but I really love that mug. Something about black and white that really gets me!


Her patterns remind me of Gocken Jobs, but the colors are more like Finnish artists. I’ve just heard of Karolin’s work here and I really like it.

Thank you for bringing it up! Good luck, Karolin!