harvest hare

I’m always excited to see an email from St. Jude’s in my inbox. They consistently curate and oversee the creation of some of the most beautiful printed goods in the market. Their latest introduction is their debut wallpaper design, Harvest Hare, created by painter and printmaker Mark Hearld. I love the soft blue and yellow colorways and the sweet animals that seem to bounce through each part of the design. Cool bonus fact? Mark has an MA in natural history illustration from the RCA. I didn’t even know that degree existed, but it sounds amazing. St. Jude’s makes excellent videos to introduce the artists they work with, so I hope you’ll take the time to watch the clip below. It’s really special to meet the person behind the work and see what inspires him. Click here to check out Mark’s new wallpaper designs for St. Jude’s and place an order online. xo, grace

Jenny McLaren

I just watched the video, so inspiring! I love Marks openness to new forms of creativity and I was interested to see the importance of “collecting” in helping to inform and develop his style of work. It took me a long time to realise that I was frustrated with my own art simply because I hadn’t taken the time to define my own aesthetic tastes.

Anile | Girlfriday

Really enjoyed that video – Mark Hearld’s work is wonderful, both artful and steeped in history. Very inspiring. Also makes me think of Watership Down, one of my favourite books :)


Very inspiring. Also makes me think of Watership Down, one of my favourite books :)


oh my. this wallpaper is so, so right. the texture and color and content. . . I think the whimsical element would be wonderful juxtaposed in severe or masculine interiors. love

Katie Deedy

I absolutely love how playful this wallpaper is! I wish I had a little summer cottage to put this in. It would be so perfect.