halona glass

Remember when I said that Kate and Amy always know where to find the coolest stuff? Cut to yesterday afternoon, when Amy and I come back from lunch to find a surprise package from our West Coast bestie, Kate. She’d ordered us this gorgeous¬†arrow tail prism from Halona Glass and had it sent to arrive after she’d gone back home! Not only was she totally right that we’d love it, but she proved again that she’s the queen of inspiring ideas and resources. I spent a good chunk of that afternoon going through their work and had a hard time not ordering ten more of those arrow tails for my own home. They’re so simple and pretty; I love that they remind me of childhood prisms with the perfect minimal, modern spin. And the beveled diamonds? Forget about it. I’m placing an order. Click here to check out their shop on Etsy. Thanks, Kate! xo grace

lesley m

My fella got me an amaaazing terrarium from halona for the holidays. full disclosure, we’re buds with the artist, but her work really IS special! excited to see it on d*s.


I bought a small prism succulent atrium from Twiggy as a Christmas gift to myself! She was selling right beside me at the Bust Craftacular & I just fell in love with her stuff. Tons of awesome goods from Halona.