Okay, that last purple post already has me craving a different color. Sorry, purple. You’re just never my favorite. Now that it seems to be 70 degrees here every day, I’m ready for spring colors (summer, really, at this rate), and green always hits the spot. The candleholder below (those tonal green/yellow candles are so pretty) and beautiful spotted bowl above remind me of that gorgeous spring yellow/green color that you can see in plants right now. It’s suggestive of all things fresh, new and promising. Click here to check out the candleholder ($94) and here for the spotted bowl ($46, pre-order). xo, grace


You went from purple to green, so it must just be my color day! I love both.

The spotted bowl is fabulous. It reminds me of a pair of footed glasses that my old roommate and I got while garage sale-ing.


Love the bowl! Brilliant colour! …but the link appears to be broken??