great accessories for iphones & android devices

I don’t want to seem addicted to my technology devices, but I did profess my love for my iPhone this week over at My Life Scoop. I also went hunting for some stylish, practical cases and great accessories for all you smartphone users out there. I’ve gone a couple weeks without a case for my phone, and I’m already regretting it; for all the use I get out of this nifty little device, I should be better about taking care of it. If you want to show your phone a little love and get more use out of its dizzying list of cool features, you should head over to My Life Scoop and check out the entire list. Hopefully you’ll find something you love. Click here for the full post. Enjoy! — Kate

The Slow Pace

Cool! I love everything related with my phone and i’m always looking for something new ;) I really like all this stuff.


I love these, but I don’t see #6 at the top linked to any site I can buy it from, am I doing something wrong :(


Am I the only one who never sees anything on the second page of any of these Life Scoop posts? The “Wild & Colorful” section is nowhere to be found for me, and there’s 3 from that group I want details about.


I think you should check out a site called society 6 amaaazing iphone case designs


I too can’t see the “wild & colorful” seelections in the post. The page 2 is blank.



#6 is by Kate Spade and available through Apple. It took me a minute to click the right links, too.


So happy to see my case as #3! I absolutely love it in purple and it has survived a few falls flawlessly. I secretly craved the Marc Jacobs one you have at the top, but I’m glad I made the right choice with Incipio.