entwined leaf rug

I love to tease Amy about her distaste for the color chartreuse/citron. It happens to be one of my favorites, and every time I find something I like in that color, I can’t resist turning my laptop toward her so I can see her trademark “I hate chartreuse” sneer. This rug is a great example of why I love this color. It reminds me of spring pollen, which — though terrible for your sinuses— is fantastic for homes. It’s an odd in-between color that strikes me as modern and fresh. Combine that color with a fun, ropey rug design and I’m officially sold. If I had a summer porch, I would definitely use this rug there. It recalls summer mornings spent at my family’s home in VA, where just about every summer activity takes place on the porch. If you’re looking for a good summer rug, click here to check out this Entwined Leaf Rug online ($398+). xo, grace


Wow! This rug is awesome! I also love chartreuse! I recently painted some doors that color, in fact. Wish the rug was more in my price range …


My husband makes fun of me all of the time for picking out anything chartreuse/appley greenish yellow. He thinks it could possibly be the ugliest design in the world…and I would love love love it- as long as it was chartreuse. (Guilty. Maybe. Probably.)


I kinda feel this rug is one of those “a face only a mother could love” tragedies. The color is fun, but it looks like a turtle orgy. Sorry.