easter cookies

by Grace Bonney

Though I typically wait until Friday to post about food-related goods, these were too cute to pass up. Baked Ideas is a NYC-based group that creates impeccably precise and beautiful custom cakes and cookies. They just launched a sweet new set of cookie cutters that would be perfect for Easter or, if you’re like me, any day of the week (because rabbits are just that cute). These Easter cutters come in sets of five for $32, or, if baking isn’t in your schedule, you can cut straight to the good stuff and buy the pre-made cookies. Either way, it’s always a good time for bunny cookies. What’s not to love? Click here to check out the collection and shop online. xo, grace

*Kate said these remind her of Peter Rabbit, and I think she’s spot on. I love that they feel like sophisticated rabbits and not silly bunnies. If that makes any sense . . .

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  • The bunnies are exactly like the bunnies in my favorite children’s easter book: “The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes” Love it! M

  • The top picture reminds me of “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes,” such a perfect book!

  • I immediately thought of the Country Bunny children’s book, as well. Down to the outfits and colors. I hope the designer is crediting Marjorie Hack, the illustrator.

  • Those dressed bunnies are definitely from that adorable Easter book, the Country Bunny! I agree with Rosie, I do hope there is some kind of reference to the source, it would be too bad if Marjoirie didn’t get a shout out! :)

  • i want these cookies! beatrix potter was the first name that came to mind… love those books! aren’t rabbits just adorable?! i’m a bunny mama to one fat little lop named “Archimedes” and ever since adopting him, i’ve had an ever-growing penchant for all things rabbit!

  • I, also, immediately thought of The Country Bunny. I pulled out my well worn copy (from 1967). While the poses are not identical, the style is an imitation of Marjorie Flack’s illustrations. For Patti Page to claim they are original designs is false.

  • This post gave me a massive flashback jolt to one of my favourite childhood books – The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes – and it seems like other commenters have had the same reaction :) It’s a pretty special ahead-of-its-time story in the sense that it’s about a single mom (bunny! ;) with 21 children who defeats the naysayers with her pluck and determination and achieves her dream of becoming an Easter Bunny. It’s a beautiful story, and a pretty inspiring read for a young girl or boy. The author (DuBose Heyward) also penned Porgy, later becoming Porgy & Bess. If you search for the book via google images you’ll definitely recognize some of these cookies! So, thanks for the memories – I’m off to order a copy since I don’t have it anymore :)

  • I had the Country Bunny book as a kid, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the top batch of cookies – gorgeous!

  • Hoo – to amend my earlier comment, the website says the original designs are by Patti Paige, which is crummy :( I’m sure some of the designs are hers, but two of those bunnies definitely aren’t…

  • Beth, Anile –
    Hi, This is Patti Paige from Baked Ideas. I’m very sorry if I mislead you. The Country Bunny is one of my all-time favorite book since childhood, and of course, these bunnies are taken from there. What I meant by “original” is the cutters, which I made myself based on the characters. Many of my clients requested these images over the years, so I thought it would be fun.

  • I was beat to it! I was going to mention this book. It was one of my favorite as a kid…well, to be honest, as a kid, any bunny book was my favorite…but still.

  • Yes, I agree – straight out of my favorite book too -“The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes” – the little bunnies all run around to prove that their mom can be one of the Easter Bunnies. I might have a hard time eating these cuties – for a minute at least!