animal clips

If you’ve got to do paperwork, it might as well be cute. These fun little animal clips at Ruche would go a long way toward making everyday admin work more fun. Ruche has these mini clips in cat, pig and bunny shapes, packed in groups of 30 for $9.99. Click here for more info and to order a set. xo, grace

call me debbie

Ok seriously, they are over- cute but is there a human’s hand that makes them? I mean are there people who spend the whole day to make them? It seems really boring and compulsive (not so much as it is their job and not their pleasure!) Anyway, they are great! :D


Love Ruche! If you like these, also carries many styles of these clips by Midori ($7.25 for 30)


I love these. I ordered some penguin ones from JetPens (they have a ton more), and they’re adorable!


Those are so cute!! Made me wish that I had papers to actually ‘clip’ together :)


Darling! (And I *love* seeing “For the beauty of the earth” from an old hymnal, too. Made my day.)


The clips caught my eye, but the photography did even more so – there’s a clip on my favorite hymn! My sister sang For the Beauty of the Earth when I walked down the aisle… so now I HAVE to get these clips… all because of the photo. ;-)


Muji also carries those, as well as clips shaped like famous landmarks I.e. the Eiffel Tower!