cake stands

As far as I’m concerned, a cute cake stand is reason enough to eat cake. Whether you pick up a cute one on the way home or bake something in your kitchen, it’s always the right time for good old yellow cake with chocolate icing (the best combo in my book). These colorful cake stands at A+R store were designed by Jansen+Co. and come in four color combos. I think the mint green has the perfect retro-meets-modern feel, but you can check out (and shop, $34) all four styles right here. If anyone wants to join me for breakfast cake, I may have to get some on the way to work today . . . xo, grace


It would be fun to have a variety of colors and heights of the cake stands.
Cute product…and can be used for other things too.


I’m on the look out for one that turns so I can use it for decorating too.