brass folder clips

Every year, as the calendar moves closer to tax time, my urge to procrastinate centers on an overwhelming desire to simply reorganize the files. I think I would be greatly aided in that effort by these solid brass index clips. They are made by a Japanese company that has been producing stationery since 1950. You can also use them to mark calendar or notebook pages or to simply clip pages together. I’m in love with the numbers version. A set of 6 index clips is $19 (or $19 for 12 numbers), and you can find them online at Kaufmann Mercantile Store or at Baum-Kuchen. — Amy Azzarito


These are amazing! I love how they completely upgrade any planner or folder – and there is something that reminds me of old libraries, which I love. Great find!


Oh, these are gorgeous. I have a greater urge to make my files and school supplies prettier than either my apartment or myself.


Thank you so much for sharing the Brass Number Clip and Baum-kuchen shop! I am a big fan of Design Sponge blog and am thrilled to be a part of it:)