boat blanket

Try as I might, it’s hard to escape the fact that red and pink are forever popping up in my life. They’re not colors I use in my home much, but lately, just about everything I add to my work/posting wishlist falls into that color range. It’s been that way for years, so I think it’s about time that I accept that they’re not going anywhere. A perfect example is this stunning lambswool blanket from Donna Wilson at Ten Over Six. The pattern alone makes me want to hang and frame this, rather than using it, but since it’s a mini size (roughly 28 inches), it would be great for kids or little ones who need extra warmth. Click here to check out Donna’s boat blanket in both colors ($96 each). xo, grace


What a cute blanket! I grew up on Cape Cod and despite having lived in a few cities since can’t seem to shake my love designs with a nautical nod. What a great present this would make for a baby of kid….too bad it doesn’t come in a larger size!

Deeyn for Nannie Inez, good living

I Love, love, LOVE Donna Wilson. Could quite possibly be her biggest fan. I love the use of color and the whimsical spirit of her design. Not only that but she is super nice too! Have you seen the ‘Use my bee hive to dry yur dishes’ tea towel?? Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


I love the pink and red combination for a little girls room or nursery. Combine it with white and a splash of orange and its a lovely fresh colour scheme.


Oh I adore these and would love to buy them for my friends who are expecting twins…but the links don’t go to them and I couldn’t find them on the Ten Over Six site. Can you help? Thanks!