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before & after: rustic boy’s room redo

by Kate Pruitt

The neutral, sophisticated style of this boy’s room makeover from Kathleen Hertzler may be a change from the usual bright rainbow hues we associate with kids’ bedrooms, but I find the rustic, log cabin-y vibe so cozy and welcoming that I have a hard time imaging a kid not loving this room. The ceiling is gorgeous, but beyond that, I think it’s so unexpected and delightful — the perfect fuel for a kid’s imagination. I also love that Kathleen wisely perked up the neutral walls and dark ceiling with the addition of crisp gingham curtains and pops of fire engine red. Well done, Kathleen! — Kate

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Time: Some evenings and a few Saturdays over the course of about 3 weeks

Cost: The only real cost was a gallon of paint ($25), the ceiling fan ($143) and the jelly jar light ($5). Everything else we already had, purchasing them at thrift stores or auctions, or they were free cast-offs.

Basic Steps: First we painted the room. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. In this case, it transformed a room from a baby nursery into a boy’s room that isn’t too “kid-ish” but will grow with Ryder. For the ceiling, we had to break down the wood, sand and clean the boards and then attach them to the ceiling. This was the most time-consuming part of the renovation but totally worth it. Lastly, we decorated with vintage items that we’ve collected over the years.

Our advice is to collect over time — there’s nothing like using something that you love and have collected over the years in a space to make it cool, unique and truly “yours.” Also, if you see something you love (and have the room to stash it somewhere), buy it. You’ll find a place for it later, I promise. I bought little boys’ decor things before I was even married. I loved what I saw and knew one day I’d (hopefully) use it, and sure enough, when the time came, I pulled them out and it was a match made in heaven.

Also, be patient; deals are out there if you take the time to look for them. I go thrifting pretty much every week. Part of it is just because that’s how I like to unwind from a long day, but I also love the thrill of finding deals. Also, I live in the country where there are auctions all the time with items that go for next to nothing. I try to take advantage of that unique opportunity. Don’t forget Craigslist, and check the free section. Many times you’ll find something someone considers trash, and you can get it for free. Think outside the box; we saw several projects that featured pallet wood on walls, but never on the ceiling. Be adventurous and just go for it! Nine times out of ten, you’ll be glad you took the plunge. — Kathleen

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