beater whisk

Sadly, baking is not part of my everyday life right now. Despite cutting back on work a bit and making more time for home life, I still can’t find the time (or energy) to bake. It seems so precise and persnickety, and I’m more of a “throw everything in a pot and see what happens” type of girl. That said, I might break form just as an excuse to use this modern whisk available at Gretel Home. As much as I love old-fashioned cooking utensils, this super-modern whisk is fun and colorful and just looks like it would make baking more fun. All you have to do is slide the little circle down the whisk and the bottom part will open to whisk your favorite brownie and cake ingredients. Or, if you’re like me, maybe you’ll just whisk together some olive oil and lemon juice for a salad. That recipe is a bit more foolproof for me. Click here to check out and order ($18) one of these whisks online. xo, grace

gluten free gift

AND it takes up a lot less space in the utensil drawer than a “regular” whisk which also typically gets tangled with other hardware!


You won’t want to whisk eggs with this though, because you need the balloon whisk to help with volume. But this is fantastic for so many other things – brownies, sauces, etc. I just wanted to say that baking isn’t as persnickety as you think it is! I used to be intimidated by it, and yes you have to follow recipes to a T, BUT the reward is fantastic.


My sentiments about baking also. This whisk is genius though! Gluten Free has a good point, that’s definitely a selling point for me too!