ball light

I have a soft spot for designs that remind me of toys.* Something playful, a little childish (in a good way) and shiny always catches my eye. These Ball Lights at Matter would look so cool in a modern home — or even in a more traditional space, if paired with something simple and wooden. Too bad the price isn’t quite as toy-like. But at least I can window shop and imagine what it would look like if I had $725 to burn on one light. Click here to check out the wall version and here for the ceiling version. xo, grace

*Speaking of toys, we have a new toy in our office! Well, maybe a library ladder isn’t a toy, but we enjoy playing on it and riding back and forth. Amy’s ride + my ride . . .


This is one of my favourite light fixtures! Wish I had a large sum in my pocket to burn; I’d snap up one of these guys. Since that won’t be happening any time soon, I got to live vicariously through a design project for university where I specified these. Ah, imaginary clients and their unlimited budgets. ;)