youmakemesmile by skinny laminx

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Heather at Skinny Laminx has a great new design ready for the holiday. Inspired by the holiday, Heather decided to decorate her Cape Town store with a large-scale version of her “You Make Me Smile” papercut. The big version was so sweet she decided to turn it into a laser-cut Valentine’s pop-up card which she describes as a “perfectly non-threatening way of saying ‘you’re special’ to someone special.” I couldn’t agree more and think this would be a nice way of celebrating everyone from a secret crush to a good friend. Click here to check out (and shop) the Youmakemesmile card at Heather’s etsy shop. xo, grace

Rose McClement

She is such a clever designer this lady, and from the growth that she is achieving with her business, quite an astute business person as well. As a fellow Cape Townian I can tell you, she does us proud.