weekly wrap up + just work

This week has been full of ups and downs (for real) but I’m so happy to end it on a high note with a day full of craft supply shopping with our visiting DIY queen, Kate. Before we head out to find some new tools and materials for the office, I wanted to share these beautiful new pieces from Just Work in Canada. They just released some gorgeous new cake stands, honey pots, juicers, plates, bowls and pitchers that would look great on any table. I’m partial to the honeypot- that might entice me to switch from coffee to tea pretty quickly. Click here to check out the full collection and shop online. Until Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Monday is technically a holiday, but we’ll be posting a light schedule that day anyway. [Photos above and below by Sharolyn Joy Newington]xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


I would love to have that rustic juicer for my next kitchen adventure! So cool what this company stands for.



very beautiful! going to their page to shop immediately.
don’t ditch the coffee tho, just add honey to your coffee instead! my friend from bulgaria taught me that trick—it’s a nice break from sugar sometimes.


Grace… honey is delicious in coffee. That’s all I’ll take with it, now I’ve discovered that. So you can have your coffee and honey pot too!

Beautiful pieces! :)


I’ve admired Just Work for so long; it’s great to see you highlight them. What a great company!


OMG…I just watched your “for real” link video…it was raining *inside* your home!!! I hope that story ended “well”!


Grace, thankyou so much for featuring Just Work. They really are a most wonderful organisation. I have seen the positive change in the lives of their employees and felt my own dignity restored through participation in their community. And that’s not even to mention how beautiful and functional the pottery is…

gluten free gift

Such a good story…. I cruised their ETSY site – the cream pitcher is really beautiful. Thanks for highlighting an organization we can all feel good about supporting.

Friend of a Friend

That pottery is beautiful! Just Work is an empowering, authentic, and grand organization. Thanks for sharing/displaying/rejoicing!


I love these pots! The honey one is really cute, and JustWork looks like an amazing organisation. Will definitely be checking out their collection on Etsy…

sarah @lamb411.com

Beautiful cake stand. It’s hard to find nice pieces to highlight baked goods. I love the wide base in contrast to the thinner cake plate. Thanks for sharing.


I love the cake stand also, and that honey pot – beautiful! thanks for sharing, i’ll be checking them out this week for sure.


I love Just Potters work, we sell it at our non profit gift shop in Vancouver and I can’t keep in in stock! Good for them, I hope they have good sales from this post!!


I have a coffee mug that is from just potters, its beautiful, and its my favorite.