weekly wrap up + geometric nails!

Tomorrow Kate is heading back to California, so I’m feeling a little down today. Amy and I have had an amazing two weeks with our best DIY buddy, and I find myself wishing her next project would be “how to build your own portal between Oakland and Brooklyn.” So to lift my spirits, I’m focusing on some good news: the geometric nails I wished existed DO!

After my post on decorative flower nails this week, I heard from Valerie and Annie who designed a gorgeous set of solid brass equilateral nails. I’m not sure how I missed these at ICFF, but I’m sure glad I’ve seen them now. They’re sold in sets of four and are about to be easily available online in less than two weeks. I’m going to update this post with their online shopping link as soon as they’re up, but I couldn’t resist sharing them now. How cute are these? I wish all nails came with decorative heads like this — they’re way more fun than regular nails. I’m looking into how hard it would be to make these as a custom order, but if you’re a metalsmith and need a fun project to work on, please please make some alphabet nails. Pretty please? Thanks to Annie and Valerie for sharing these with us, and stay tuned for an updated shopping link (they will be sold in sets of four) in less than two weeks THE NAILS ARE NOW AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE! (Annie and Valerie’s collection also includes the beautiful angled brackets below. How gorgeous are those?)

Until Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace


Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


These are gorgeous! I wanted some nicer looking nails to hang my necklaces on, was considering the flower nails but now I will eagerly await the link for these!


I can’t believe how adorable these are… except now I’m getting greedy and wonder if perhaps they could be made as upholstery tacks as well? Just imagine nailhead trim with triangles or squares!


Could you please hurry up on the portal? As an Oaklander with two best-friend Brooklynites, that portal would make my life a lot easier. Plus, think about how much easier the design cross-pollination would be?

KeLLy Ann

omg! I’ve just added these to those cutie pie Flower Nails~ Brilliant!


The most read for business ladies is one of my favorite parts of the blog. I look forward to reading it every time I see it.


These are beautiful, but am I the only one who thinks a set of four nails is utterly ridiculous? Aside from one commenter’s suggestion of hanging jewelry, what can you possibly do with four nails? I realize these are mainly decorative, but I still think they need to be packaged in a much larger quantity. Even 10 would make more sense.


Oh, I just love it when I can see the beauty of a daily object celebrated in a new way. I really love those flower nails too. These kinds of cleverly simple explorations always seem like little miracles, to me. : )


I’m a metalsmithing and jewelry student, so I may be able to make you some alphabet nails, depending on how many you want.


Its been more than two weeks. their shopping link is still not available? I’m dying to shop for these!


Yes, I’m waiting for these, too. Have added my name to their mailing list but haven’t heard yet. Is there any update??


Hello everyone! Thank you so very much for your interest in the nails. We are still dealing with the bulk manufacturing of these but I PROMISE they will be available for purchase soon!! If you would like to be on our mailing list so you know as soon as they’re available, please us at info@winsomebrave.com. We will also be emailing Grace with the information. Thank you for your patience!

-Valerie + Annie


I love these nails except one tiny tap with a tiny hammer and it bent outta shape! I could bend nail so easily with my hands…it’s like a wire. Very disappointed especially since they are expensive.