wearable planters (for your bike!)

Today’s major plant kick continues. Maybe it was the sun’s appearance this morning or just wishful thinking, but I’m ready to start gardening again. Thanks to Jemma on Twitter, it looks like I can start some small-scale gardening with these awesome bike planters from Wearable Planters on Etsy. I’m the sort of crazy person who actually looks for ways to sneak living things into everything, so this is totally up my alley. I’m not sure if Brooklyn’s bumpy roads would jostle tiny plants too much, but I’m more than willing to give it a try. The bike planter comes in several different colors, but you can also pick up wearable planters in pin, necklace and earring forms right here. I just ordered one of the small necklace styles to use as a light pull; we’ll see how it turns out. Click here to check out the full selection and shop online. Thanks, Jemma! xo, grace

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janis-pinecone camp

Great post! I’ve been a huge fan of plants forever. They don’t have to be dust collectors, they can look super modern and fresh. Talk about fresh – the bike planters are beyond fresh! Love them. I better get a bike. ;)


This isn’t very “green”. You would need to keep the three blades of grass in that little planter for about 100 years for it to offset the cost in manpower, resources, manufacturing, and shipping the planter to you.


Super cute and very impractical. The person that designed these bike planters must ride their bike as slow as a snail. Most plants do not like wind….practically speaking your plant will die a quick death from wind burn.


Love this! I want a necklace with an aromatherapy type plant. If there is a plant that can counteract the effects of cedar fever- now that would be great!


I favorited this little shop a while back but I am so glad you posted about their new bike planters!! So cute! thanks for sharing.


The planters are gorgeous and this is a cute idea, but not sure this is practical. The ride can be pretty bumpy and bikes tend to get jostled around a lot when they’re parked in bike racks…not something you have any control over.


I love this! I’d totally attach some of them to my bike – I’d feel very…”green” and people’d look at me weirdly, oh well!


I could see them being used on a balcony or along a staircase – come on we all have a odd post somewhere that could use a little plant or two!


Just when you think there are no new and lovely ideas…


This makes me rather sad. I’ve worked as a gardener all my life, and can’t believe for one minute that any of these plant – barely older or more established than cuttings will survive for any time at all.

What a shame .. on the list with designer babies and dogs in handbags ..

Grace Bonney


Is it any different than cut flowers? I don’t see a big difference- its a temporary display and cut flowers already have a limited life span anyway.



As an owner of one of the necklaces I can confirm that the air plant I purchased with my planter has lived just fine for 5 months. If only I had a bike to spruce up! I have my eye on the orange one…