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The clothespin is such a fantastic invention, one that seems to have hit upon the perfect combination of form, function and beauty. I’ve seen a bunch of amazing projects involving clothespins lately, including this ombre clothespin backdrop and these incredible sculptural pieces by artist Gerry Stecca, among others. But it was this bold, beautiful collection of clothespin carpets that sealed the deal, and I had to share. I discovered We Make Carpets a while back and fell in love with their witty, playful contemporary rug installations made from all kinds of common materials: Band-Aids, Q-tips, etc. Since then, their portfolio has vastly expanded — so many fun new carpets! You can check out their whole collection here — maybe it will inspire you to fashion a carpet from something fun and unexpected this weekend :) Enjoy! — Kate


Stunning. Makes me want to attempt it on my own walls…I have been looking for something new for the bedroom.


It’s nice how he kept the imagery geometric, almost like quilts, or argyle. It could have been gimmicky if he made faces or something else representational. Nice work!

Bonnie McCarthy

That’s amazing -I can’t tell if the pieces are movable, or is it a temporary installation? It looks like the cords are attached to the walls -it would be a shame to take these apart! Beautiful!!

Gerry Stecca

Thanks for the mention Kate! Sadly, the spring clothespins, an American invention, are not made here any more. The last factory closed down in 2007 in Vermont. I beleive the place is an art complex now.
Ironically, they are making a come back as part of the Green movement, them being great energy saving tools.
Long live the Clothespins!


Wow – these are lovely and interesting- I was scanning through my email and had to stop and take a second look when I realized the colour and pattern were all made of clothes pins! What a creative idea!

R Design

Awesome rugs! And totally worth following the link to Stecca’s work – such elegant, organic forms.


That is amazing, I think it would be also good to use the old fashion ones like the one without wire.