valentine’s day at banquet

Good morning guys! This weekend our submission box was flooded with last minute Valentine’s Day submissions and it was so much fun to see how many variations on the idea of love. These cards and prints from Banquet in Vancouver are right up my alley because they’re sweet and simple. As much as I love details and decoration, sometimes it’s nice to let a great color shine. The limited edition raspberry colored heart print above ($50) is such a great color- and would look nice on the wall well past the holiday.

In addition to the new heart print, Banquet also has neon hearts, swans and badger cards ($5 each) that would be perfect for sending a little love note. Click here to check out (and shop) their full collection online. xo, grace


I love Banquet, they do great work, with great quality. But $50 for a one color, one (basic) shape screen print? maybe I’m just a cheap-o haha.

Molly Hebert


I was wondering if you could recommend some last-minute valentine’s day gifts I could buy for my boyfriend? Many thanks! :)