tiffin lunch kit

Now that we have a proper office, I’m excited to start bringing my lunch to work. The first week or so, I was enamored with ordering in every day (so many options to try!), but now that reality has set in, bringing something pre-made is clearly the better choice. This beautiful ceramic Tiffin Lunch Kit was designed by Lorea Sinclaire and stacks on top of itself to create both storage and a serving surface (a natural cloth elastic strap keeps it all in place). I love the cork lid and would definitely be more inclined to “brown bag it” if this was my bag. Lorea is now accepting pre-orders for this piece and orders will ship later this month. Click here to check it out in more detail and place an order ($65 per set, custom glaze/colors are available with 3–5 weeks lead time). xo, grace


This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen posted on D*S in a while! It’s going on my wishlist…right now!


Love this! I would also love to have Brie for lunch :) The cork top would serve as a great coaster for the desk on hot days when cold drinks sweat. Brilliant design.


I love vintage tiffins from India and have a small collection. This is a really nice take on bringing it into modernity.


So cute and such a nice design! Too bad it’s crazy expensive for a lunch pail, but still, putting it on my wishlist…