I’m having a love affair with plants this morning, thanks to this beautiful Terra planter from Fort Standard. I finally got to see this in person last weekend, and it remains one of my favorite ways to showcase plants at unexpected heights. I’m used to plants being on windowsills or side tables, so to have a piece that elevates them (so stylishly) to a slightly higher level is nice. And I mean, come on — the top spins. That not only lets you appreciate all of the plants in the terrarium, but it’s also a heck of a lot easier to evenly distribute sunlight. Click here to check out the planter in more detail and contact Fort Standard about purchasing. Here’s to killing fewer plants in 2012 or, in social media language, #blackthumbsnomore. xo, grace


Love this! Have been trawling through etsy for weeks, dreaming of beautiful terrariums :)