summer favorites

Amy, Kate and I started working on our next Design*Sponge newspaper last week (I’m so excited for this one!!), and one of the things we were most excited about was making our second music mix. Our last mix (download the digital version here) was summer themed, so this Spring/Summer CD at TenOverSix reminded me of those sunny-day songs. This one is by Jennifer Furches, and it has an adorable cover. I was initially swayed by the packaging, but after listening to Jennifer’s music on MySpace, I’m convinced this is worth checking out. And speaking of summery things, TenOverSix also has some cool nylon, jute, cotton and wool macrame pieces by Renata Abbade that instantly remind me of a California beach house. Each of Renata’s hanging macrame designs uses driftwood and ceramic pods so you can display and care for living plants (they come with an air plant). Click here to check out the CD ($12) and here and here for the macrame ($300 each) online. xo, grace


Very exciting that there will be another D*S Newspaper! Should we just keep checking back to the blog for updates on when and where it will be released, or will there be some sort of signup and notification for it that might be offered? I often have to go a while between checking in with the blog due to accessibility restraints and wouldn’t want to miss an update about the print copies going out! I’m determined to get my paws on one this year. :)

Thanks for all your hard work, D*S team! My long lazy free days are extra delicious when I get to use them to read the blog ALL DAY LONG.


Grace Bonney


We will announce it everywhere and are working on a distribution model that allows everyone to order a copy if they want one :)