still + company / sit and read

When Brooklyn’s Still + Company gets together with Sit and Read, great things happen. I’ve seen overdyed rugs used in many different ways lately, but these sling chairs are by far my favorite. Created as part of a collaborative show at Sit and Read Gallery, Still + Company made these custom chairs using Persian rugs that were cut, hemmed and then hand-stitched onto wrought-iron frames. Each is handmade in Brooklyn and makes quite a statement. Click here to check them out in more detail, and click play below to watch a beautiful video about the collaboration between these great local companies. That purple overdyed rug is so gorgeous. xo, grace

Stephanie Press

Love the overdyed rug trend, but on a chair?! Wow, beautiful, vivid and unique. Would you guys ever do a DIY piece on how to overdye?


I agree, making an overdyed rug into a chair is a fantastic idea. They look really comfy too, plenty of suspension in them. Is that true or does it just look that way…?!


I like the idea of overdyed rugs but turning them into a chair is brilliant. Loved watching the process of dying the rugs too.