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sneak peek: camille styles and adam moore

by anne

Austin has long been one of my favorite cities, so I’m excited to travel there through today’s sneak peek into the home of Camille Styles and Adam Moore. Camille is the creator of a lifestyle blog about the creative entertaining ideas that inspire her parties and her life (she is also the host of HGTV’s new mobile party planning app). Adam is the co-founder and CEO of the website publishing software Spacecraft. The couple has worked on the home’s design since they were engaged, with the help of architect Ryan Street. A true labor of love, two years after they were married they moved into the house, where every detail reflects who they are and where they’ve been together. They share a love of clean lines, open spaces and neutral palettes with lots of texture. Most importantly, it’s the perfect place for year-round entertaining. Thanks to Camille and Adam, and thanks to Chad Wadsworth for the wonderful images. — Anne

Image above: We wanted the master bedroom to feel really serene — like a little getaway where we could escape from our busy lives! Our custom upholstered headboard is from NEST Modern, and we layered lots of different textures of West Elm bedding for a really cozy feel. The painting above the bed is really meaningful to us, as it was done by Adam’s brother before he passed away . . . something about it has always reminded me of a tranquil beach landscape.

Image above: Our huge steel doors are one of my favorite aspects of the house, since they provide a really strong contrast with the white walls yet allow tons of light into the living room for an airy feel. The same steel craftsmen who made our doors also made this custom chandelier, inspired by a similar one we’d loved at a winery in Napa. The travertine floors run throughout the entire house and straight outdoors to the pool, allowing the terrace to truly feel like an extension of the indoor living space.

More images of Camille and Adam’s Austin home after the jump!

Image above: These binoculars were a housewarming gift from Adam’s parents, and they look straight down onto Lake Austin so we can watch the water skiers and boats throughout the summer. Our gauze-y curtains are from Restoration Hardware, and on sunny days, we open up all the doors and let the curtains blow in the breeze.

Image above: We used these “floating” shelves made of espresso-stained white oak throughout the house. I’m constantly arranging and rearranging their contents, and it’s a fun way to change the decor with the seasons. This paint color used throughout the downstairs is a super warm “Mediterranean White” from Restoration Hardware.

Image above: This white vintage bar cart was an eBay find, and while it technically lives in my office, I’m constantly pulling it out to use as a photo shoot prop. It’s been painted gold and white, and I’m thinking its next incarnation might be hot pink! Above the cart is my ever-evolving inspiration board. Even though I’m a Pinterest fanatic, sometimes there’s just nothing like the tactile sensation of ripping out a beautiful page from a magazine and pinning it where I can see it every day.

Image above: I’m in love with the work of French photographer Christian Chaize, and this print in the guest bedroom is part of his Praia Piquinia subscription series, in which he captures the same beach in Portugal as it evolves every year. I already have five others displayed in different rooms of the house and can’t wait to receive my next one. The lamp is from West Elm.

Image above: Since I’m an avid cook and entertainer, the kitchen was one of the most challenging elements of the design process, as I wanted to get everything just right! It came together as one of my favorite spaces in the house, with stained white oak cabinetry, super thick floating shelves that keep our dishes within close reach and incredibly easy-to-care-for countertops in “Buttermilk” Caesarstone. All of our appliances are Electrolux Icon, and I couldn’t be happier with our huge stove, double ovens and (my ultimate indulgence) two dishwashers that always seem to be full. I love when our friends come over and drink wine at the barstools while I put the finishing touches on dinner. It really is the place where everyone congregates!

Image above: Our kitchen, dining and living rooms are one big open space that makes the entire area feel so light and airy. Since our endless search for the perfect dining table came up empty-handed, we had one built in sturdy white oak with a casual bench on one side and upholstered Restoration Hardware chairs on the other. We once squeezed 14 people around the table for one very cozy holiday party! The recycled glass vase is from Anthropologie, and my current obsession is filling it with quince branches.

Image above: The entire upstairs is painted “Seafoam” from Restoration Hardware, and this cozy nook is where I keep a lot of my favorite books from childhood, like Little Women, Anne of Green Gables and Emma. The leaning bookcase is from Crate and Barrel.

Image above: Luckily, my office is one of my favorite spots in the house, since I usually spend eight hours a day there. Great light floods in from the big French doors that lead to the terrace, and the light, neutral palette feels really fresh and energizing every morning. My glass desk is from West Elm, chair is Aidan Gray from Layla Grayce, mirror is from Restoration Hardware and small painting is by Katherine Sandoz. I’m usually lucky enough to have gorgeous flowers left over from a photo shoot to put on my desk, and these beauties are by The Byrd Collective.

Image above: Needless to say, we live outside during the hot Austin summers. My very favorite way to spend a Saturday is to invite friends over for a day of swimming, Adam’s perfect margaritas and throwing something yummy on the grill. All our outdoor furniture is from Restoration Hardware, and these steel planters are filled with agave and silver ponyfoot.

Image above: One of my very favorite things about the house is the symmetry between the front and back doors that accordion-fold to a 10-foot opening. Walking up to the front of the house, you can see all the way through to the downtown skyline view in the back. Much to Adam’s dismay, I’m constantly pruning hot pink blooms from our rose bushes to display around the house — I enjoy them so much more that way! The exterior of the house is white stucco with a concrete tile roof, giving it a contemporary Mediterranean vibe.

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  • Your place looks great! Love the windows with the black frames. So glad to see you have a Katherine Sandoz piece. Great artist. I also have one from my SCAD days. :)

    Congrats on a beautiful place.

  • I’m dying … right now… at my desk. I love reading her blog. She has excellent taste. I’m hoping we can be friends one day ;)

  • Yeah, I would totally love a million dollar home in the hills of Austin. Right now I will settle for my old apartment without a view in South Austin JUST to be back in the beautiful Texas Capitol again. But for now I”m stuck in the drab mid-west! Blugh!

  • Beautiful! Quick question: How thick is the lip of your countertop? We are mid-design right now and debating how thick to go. Thank you!

  • Camille! Your house glad to see your house looking beautiful, last time i saw it, it was half way though building. Looks so amazing. katie x

  • Love, love the light fixtures. Can you share sources for your living room light fixture (circular metal?) and the two outside fixtures framing your back door (appear to be brass)? All so simple, chic….beautiful!

  • Yes! Love love that first painting AND– of course, the one on your desk by SCAD alum Katherine Sandoz! She was featured in New American Paintings #88! Such a chic home, thanks for the peek!

  • My bro often says I should move to Austin (he lives near Houston)…when I see a house like this …I definitely want to move. That pool, margarita combo is just unbeatable especially when seen from the cold plains of Illinois.

  • Oh the doors, the doors!! I love those glass paned doors and the dark-stained interior doors too! The stained white-oak cabinetry and floating shelves in the kitchen are such a nice change from all of the white kitchens that everyone (myself included) loves! This was a wonderful sneek peek!

  • Thanks so much for all the sweet words you guys!! It really means so much.

    @Lori – agree that the best thing about living in Austin is Austin itself. Before living here, I lived in a 900 sq foot space and loved life here every bit as much.

    @Amy – our countertops are 3″…one of the best design decisions we made.

    @Tracy – the living room halo chandelier was built custom, but the outdoor gas-burning sconces are from here: http://www.bevolo.com/

  • Love, love, love this sneak peak! What a gorgeous house! Your doors are to die for and the indoor/outdoor living is divine….especially with that pool!! Love your blog too, you obviously have amazing taste!

  • Beautiful! I live in Austin and was wondering if you know where you got your accordion-fold doors?

  • Ok, gorgeous space! Just delish. I’d love to know what the paint color is that was used in the guest room, I am on the hunt for the perfect color for my living room and that one really resonates with me.

  • I absolutely love Camille Styles! To see her home is a joy. Those steel doors are amazing! I thought to see some really posh “don’t touch” office but it’s bright, fun, and cozy. She’s sunshine walking! Thank you for giving us a peek!

  • It’s a simple thing but the square white picture frame on the wall is so effective. It’s a nice change from the typical rectangular frame with a couple of inches of standard mounting. The framing really adds a nice airiness and calming feeling to that corner of the room. Spongers have we had a tutorial on different framing ideas?

  • Ditto on the steel doors question from a Dallas neighbor. I do believe this is my favorite sneak peek yet. Love the agave, pool, wall color…pretty much everything!

  • This place is beautiful!!! I would say it was worth the wait for them. As an avid New Yorker, I would consider moving to Texas for this house!!

  • Gushing right now so much – love Camille’s blog, and her home tour is insanely gorgeous! Great takeaways from the images too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks, y’all are way too sweet. @Gretchen, the guest room paint is “Seafoam” from Restoration Hardware.

    As for the doors, I *wish* those could be purchased off the shelf, but since they have to be so carefully engineered for the space, pretty much all steel doors like this (esp the accordion fold) are a custom job. The same steel workers did our doors, outdoor railing, chandelier and lots more, and they were amazing craftsmen.

  • Beautiful home with wonderful design elements. I also loved your bag in the last shot, would you mind providing the source/designer?

  • Tranquil, inviting, beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I must know where the origin of your sofa – I’ve been searching for just that sofa, please share!

  • Camille’s home is, without a doubt, beautiful. What is interesting to me is that you featured it today; the same day that you espoused your woman supporting women cause. Camille is one of the most supportive, loving promoters of other women that I have ever known. She is lovely inside and out. Good job, both of you!

  • So beautiful. We are in the Hill country as well! Where did you find your throw pillows for the sofa? I’m loving the prints & texture.

  • This home is my DREAM home. WOW!!! Everything is sooooo my style! Thank you for introducing me to her blog. I’m hooked! WOW! I’ll be pinning every single photo of this home ;)

  • I need a couch like that! Where is it from? I really like quince too – I always start with them just before the holidays and the obsession carries throughout the winter:)

  • hey guys, does anyone know where to get a pouf tray this big? preferably in europe/germany?

  • Yes! We in Houston also want to know, who custom-crafted your steel doors?! Everything here is SO beautiful! Drool, love….

  • You have created a lovely home. Could I ask the source of your floating shelves?

  • I’m wondering about the floating shelves, too! How do they affix to the wall? They’re great….

  • Seriously dying over the amazing doors and windows! And, it’s so clean and chic! I think I’m a little messy to live is such a put-together home :)

  • Yes DO share the steel craftsman, as I’ve been desperately looking for a set of doors/windows to separate our living room and library to leave it airy. Love the hanging light as well! My kind of style! Warm and inviting with bits of color strewn around. Lovely!

  • Camille, you were so gracious to my daughter, Leia and she wanted me to see your lovely home. We are building in Amarillo and I wondered what the dark stain is you used, as well as more info on your awesome fireplace!

  • Wow, thanks you guys! Okay, so many people have asked about our steel doors – they were crafted by Rehme Custom Iron Work. Our couch is custom by Dellarobia, and our cushions and ottoman tray are from Nest Modern here in Austin.
    The floating shelves are one of my favorite features too! They’re done by installing super sturdy metal brackets into the walls, then “sliding” the shelves (which have a cavity for the brackets) on over them. Ours were done by RiverCity Cabinets here in Austin.

  • I lived in Austin for three years but I really prefer living in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Love everything about your home!!!! Congratulations on your accomplishments! Could you be so kind to share the white paint color you used on your exterior walls? Thanks!!

  • hi there! Do you by chance know the name of the light blue paint color in the guest room?

  • I am wondering if you know where your in laws purchased those binoculars?? In LOVE ??