The Best Navy Interiors

In honor of this month’s navy theme on the new Design*Sponge Pinterest page, I was inspired to go through the Sneak Peek archives and hunt for navy in homes. I tried hard to stick to navy and not get distracted by teal or cornflower, and there was a lot of turquoise that didn’t make the cut, either. Navy is one of my favorite shades of blue, and lately I’ve been really into the deep, almost-black navy. I think it’s going to play a supporting role in the new Design*Sponge office space. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Navy accents in Morgane Sezalory’s white bedroom in Paris.

Image above: This blue and white bedspread gives the bedroom a nautical feel. From Sneak Peek: Joel Fitzpatrick

Image above: A beautiful shade of blue in Fiona Douglas’ Glasgow, Scotland, home

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Image above: Blue velvet sofa in Jordan Carlson’s Brooklyn apartment

Image above: Navy chair from Urban Outfitters in Carla & Jack Fahden’s Minneapolis home

Image above: Navy rug in Rob & Julie Maigret’s Los Angeles living room

Image above: The navy-accented living room in Emma Jeffs’ London home is filled with artwork created by friends and family.

Image above: Belgium wardrobe in Cassandra Ellis & Ed Prichard’s London home. Technically, it’s painted “Off Black” by Farrow & Ball, but it gives a navy vibe.

Image above: Klara Bothen hung “Clouds” by Swedish textile designer Gunila Axén in her bedroom.

Image above: A quilt made with wool from a Michigan sheep farm adorns the bed in Meghan McEwen’s new Detroit b&b, Honor&Folly.

Image above: Batik dyed bedspread in Naomi Stein’s Philadelphia apartment

Image above: A patterned backsplash in Brooklyn designed by Lauren Stern

Image above: Batik bedspread in Max Freeman and Margaret Singer’s Brooklyn home

Image above: A newly renovated kitchen in Judith de Graaff’s home outside of Paris

Image above: Small office bathroom in Judith de Graaff’s home outside of Paris

Image above: A navy sofa pillow in Sisse Jonassen’s Hudson Valley home

Image above: Navy chair in Courtney Bishop’s home in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

Image above: In her Brooklyn kitchen, Juliet Gorman recovered her kitchen chairs in fabric from Purl SoHo.

Image above: A Japanese and Scandinavian design-inspired bench in Elodie Laleous’ Paris apartment

Image above: To unify their Brooklyn railroad apartment, Alison Feldmann and Jeff Bergstrom kept the color palette simple: blues, whites and grays.

Image above: A blue chair in the home of Copenhagen artist Sarah Havass

Image above: To give the kitchen a custom look that didn’t have a custom price tag, Gemma Ahren replaced existing doors with MDF doors, which she then spray painted an inky blue. The trick here was to make the doors slightly longer than usual, so they look more bespoke and expensive.


Love this space sooooo much!!! It is so unique, simple and each one area has a message!


we are buying paint this week to have our house painted next week…planning a navy accent wall. this was a great encouragement that we are on the right path :) thanks for sharing!

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

It’s funny…if you’d have asked me a few years back what my thoughts were on decorating with navy, I would have probably said it was a classic, but not really my style. Thank you D*S team for proving me wrong. I’ve been loving the navy look you’ve been highlighting both here on the blog and on Pinterest as of late. I’m almost ready to start decorating my own space with the deep blue hue!


I have always hated navy, but at least 4 of those looks are incredible – maybe it’s time to rethink my navy issues!

Rita Wright

I love all the blue accents! It’s gorgeous! I think I’m inspired to redesign a room in my house with those colors. =]


i LOVE that giant pear in the last photo. How awesome would it be to have a giant peach too? (James and the Giant Peach XD)

loving the navy.


What timing. Just last week, I found a beautiful navy paint for $1 on the “whoops” shelf at the hardware. I’ve been a navy-painting-machine since then. I’ll be sad when I run out of this happy accident.

Kerri Anne Thomas

Max Freeman and Margaret Singers room featured here is lovely. Simple but with the complexity that comes from a perfectly evolved asthetic! Really caught my eye. Would love to see more of their Brooklyn home in the future.

Jan Kern

I have always wanted Navy-something. Be it a military man or a huge Navy comforter. Wait! they sound like the same thing. We are redoing house so far in blue, tuscany orange, mint green, yellow. Wood , ceramic and some carpets thrown around. So I am looking for ideas for my dream house. It is never too late

PF Retailers

Navy is indeed a wonderful colour – it’s like a dash of royalty and strength. Anyways, these are lovely photos! The Batik bedspread in particular is gorgeous, especially with direct light from the window naturally highlighting the navy shade.

elena +deco

This year I am really into Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball. It is rich and it is the perfect background for copper, gold, white and wood. Be aware though, when you pick your shade of blue, that the perception of colour changes massively according to light. As a general rule if you don’t find the colour chosen too dark on a rainy day, then go for it. Here there a images as an examples of how the same shade of paint changes according to light and decoration: