rugggero asnagho sculptures

The other day, Amy and I rode past Gramercy Park and saw a beautiful Alexander Calder sculpture on display. Calder was one of the first sculptors I really loved and appreciated, so it makes me happy to see designs that remind me of his work. These small-scale plexiglass sculptures from Italian designer Rugggero Asnagho remind me of Calder’s work in the best way possible. Inspired by Bruno Munari’s idea of “sculture da viaggio” (portable design), Rugggero created this small sculpture series called “Neritagli,” which features imaginary animals that you can assemble at home. These would be beautiful in a child’s room, but I’d totally use them in a grown-up home, too. And I’d love to see them suspended as mobiles. The colors and shapes are so simple and beautiful; I feel they’d be Calder-approved. Click here to check out more of the Neritagli project online and here to purchase. xo, grace

Jess Tasker

Sleek, bright and animal-shaped. You had me at ‘hello’. These have given me a happy boost on a cold, cold Monday.