polka dot pillows

by Grace Bonney

This weekend I found myself falling deeper and deeper into an Etsy rabbit hole as I tracked down the perfect pillows for our office couch. My goal was originally to buy Kilim and Moroccan carpet remnants and turn them into pillows, but it turns out it’s easier (and cheaper in most cases, at least in NYC) to buy them pre-made online. I found two sellers in particular that had an amazing selection, and these polka dot pillows were my favorite. I didn’t end up ordering these for the office because the couch upholstery already has a similar theme, but I’m seriously considering a few for my couch at home. The dots are so cheery and the silk velvet Ikat material looks so rich and warm. My favorites above and below came from the Sukan shop on Etsy, so if you like these but want to check out other color and size options, they’ve got a great selection.

More color and pattern options after the jump…

These look like lips, I love them.

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