phillip low

by Grace Bonney

I feel like I’ve discussed my growing love and appreciation for minimal artwork ad nauseam these days. But I can’t stress enough how much every part of me longs to be surrounded by large-scale, super-simple artwork. My days of loving tiny gathered-artwork collections seem long behind me (though I’m sure they’ll return in a few years), and now all I can do is swoon over huge paintings and photographs. At the top of my list are these amazing prints on newsprint by Phillip Low. Each limited edition (100 were printed) features a subtle color palette and feels like a warm summer day to me. I loved hanging prisms in my window growing up, and the way these prints depict the light shining on the glass is gorgeous. Each piece is available right here for $45 to $65, if you want one for your walls. These would also look beautiful in a row under a glass-top table or desk. They’d be a sweet way to add detail without going overboard. xo, grace

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