petrified wood

I don’t have much to say about these magnets other than, “I want them all.” I love the way petrified wood looks and what it signifies — the passage of time and the complete change of one material into another. These little sliced magnets would look at home in modern and traditional spaces alike, so they’re shooting to the top of my “I want these so badly” list. Click here to check them out and shop online ($48 for 6 magnets). xo, grace


Oh these are super neat! I haven’t thought about petrified wood since grade school. Neat way to reintroduce!

Binnie Willi

So gorgeous! I might buy them and use them to make a pendant- or maybe a hair clip? Or maybe be really crazy and leave them as magnets! Haha But these are just beautiful :)

Emily Rae

I’ve always wanted a petrified wood ring, not only for its beauty but also because petrified wood is the official state “gem” of my home state.


6 for $48? That’s an attrocious price. Such an easy thing to make. I bet I could make 48 for $6!

Grace Bonney


do you have access to petrified wood and something that will slice it cleanly (you’d need a blade with silicon carbide or diamond abrasives to cut and polish it)? if you do, then by all means you should. but i’m pretty sure most of us don’t.



I just wish I knew where this supply of petrified wood was coming from. There is a huge problem of people taking petrified wood out of national parks in the West.