nailed it

Sometimes, there are no words for something so cute that it surpasses the limits of conventional language. Example? These crazy-adorable flower nails from Japan.* I’m not sure why, but half of the “OMG so cute!” things I see these days seem to come from Japan. They’ve got “cute” on lock-down. These nails come in a set of six and have a sweet little flower design on top. They beg to be used in a Tord Boontje-style pattern and make me wonder why more designers haven’t made decorative nail heads like this before. I’d be all over some geometric nail heads or — please tell me these exist but I’m just not aware of them — alphabet nail heads. Oh man, how fun would that be? Until then, I’ll be coveting these and wanting to put them in everything. Click here to check them out and join my digital shrieking over their cuteness. xo, grace

*It looks like these nails are actually made in Germany (order here), but I’ve only seen them online at Japanese stores.


These would be really cool with some of the string/yarn-wrapped letters I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest and at Anthro.


I’ve always thought it would be adorable to have decorative nails to hang alphabet cards from. You could easily drill holes in a stack of alphabet cards and hang from the nails rather than getting into the expense of frames.


wow, these are so lovely!! probably can’t afford too many of them (3,465 yen for a set of 6 – that’s over 40 bucks) but i might get them for a nice little gift. and the name of the designer sounds *very* much like japanese – if so, maybe we can say they come from japan after all? sort of… :)


i so agree that Japanese design has cute on lock down! i have always loved how they “cute up” the oh-so-mundane everyday items…office supplies for example.

yours in digital shrieking,



they’re lovely, but I LOVE the idea of alphabet nails! brilliant, someone needs to make that happen!


Wow. I really love these. I have a some maps that we hang in the living room and I’ve been looking for a more decorative way to hang them as the nails show. These would be perfect.

jay @ wilbur road

I spent a great deal of the day installing molding trim around baseboards today. Just think how nails in fantastic shapes would change the process. No more setting, filling and sanding! Give me abc’s, 123’s or do-re-mi’s please, please, please!

gluten free gift

Particularly good for hanging vintage frames that are suspended by a little round hook at the top (vs a wire or claw at the back). I also wonder how long we will have to wait to see a more affordable version hit the market… anyone reading this post handy with a heat gun? Any crafty jeweler could have a go making these.