nailed it

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes, there are no words for something so cute that it surpasses the limits of conventional language. Example? These crazy-adorable flower nails from Japan.* I’m not sure why, but half of the “OMG so cute!” things I see these days seem to come from Japan. They’ve got “cute” on lock-down. These nails come in a set of six and have a sweet little flower design on top. They beg to be used in a Tord Boontje-style pattern and make me wonder why more designers haven’t made decorative nail heads like this before. I’d be all over some geometric nail heads or — please tell me these exist but I’m just not aware of them — alphabet nail heads. Oh man, how fun would that be? Until then, I’ll be coveting these and wanting to put them in everything. Click here to check them out and join my digital shrieking over their cuteness. xo, grace

*It looks like these nails are actually made in Germany (order here), but I’ve only seen them online at Japanese stores.

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