momofuku milk bar cookie mix

It was a sad day for my skinny jeans when the Momofuku Milk Bar opened a Williamsburg location. When it comes to cookies, the world can be divided into two kinds of people: crispy vs. chewy. I fall decidedly into the chewy camp, so the Milk Bar was extremely dangerous. There was the cereal-milk ice cream with cornflake topping, the birthday cake truffles and the bagel bombs. But my favorite was the cookies; I’ve tried every flavor. I love the Compost Cookies — everything but the kitchen sink. The Milk Bar just came out with a cookbook, so if you want to re-create the recipe from scratch, you can. But the last time I was at the Milk Bar (saying a final goodbye to those New Year’s resolutions), I noticed they had just come out with Momofuku Milk Bar cookie mixes for those of us who are less patient. The Corn Cookie and Blueberry and Cream Cookie just require adding milk and an egg. For the Compost Cookie mix, you also need to add your favorite pretzels and potato chips. Yum! — Amy Azzarito

Alyssa {Second Floor Living}

I had the compost cookie on my last trip to New York and was kind of considering booking another flight just so I can try Milkbar’s cookies again. Now I need another excuse to go to New York.


This is wonderful news. Wait, while I get a tissue to wipe my eye! But do the mixes REALLY taste like the Milkbar cookies? Or, do they just REMIND you of them?


I first saw these at my Williams Sonoma during the holiday season & was so tempted to buy it but decided to read reviews on it first. I also have the recipe from the cookbook, but it’s too much work for me and knowing me I’ll probably screw it up.