merchant & mills sewing kit

I’m a complete and total sucker for packaging (hence my daily addiction to The Dieline). It makes me re-think products I wouldn’t normally consider and is often the tipping point between “considering” and “buying” when it comes to online shopping. This beautiful new sewing kit from Kaufmann Mercantile would be a sweet present for the sewer (or sewing-curious person) in your life. Each kit contains needles, pins, scissors, chalk and beeswax, a seam ripper, thimble and tape measure to get you started. I’ve always been terrified of sewing, but the sourcing of this kit (the pieces come from different heritage makers and companies) is making me seriously reconsider my stance. Click here to check out the kit and pick up a set online for $75. xo, grace

*If you’re looking to start sewing, you can check out our Sewing 101 archives right here.

Kate Green

I love their products and the packaging is so well designed. I had to severely restrict myself to just buying what I needed!

Ariana {And Here We Are...}

I just read an article about the owner of this business in Country Living (from the UK.) Such a cool idea! I love her designs, as well, and can imagine finding one that looked great on me, and making several versions with the kit.


Seam ripper at $1.49 was the best deal I’ve had as it’s used often.


I can’t wait to go explore merchant and mills! I only wish I could sew. :-(
Perhaps this will inspire me to take time to learn.