makeup for cat ladies

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that you never expect. I got a sweet package in the mail from my mom yesterday and it contained not one but two cat-related gifts. The first one was actually for a cat (Turk thoroughly enjoyed his catnip toy) and the second was for me, the cat-enthusiast. When I opened up the tiny Paul & Joe box I thought it was a box of face blotters (the kind that discreetly soak up excess oil), but it turned out to be a cat-themed and cat-shaped eye shadow! I’m not a huge makeup person, but if anything will get me to wear it, packaging shaped like a cat just might.

When I Googled around for more information, I found that Paul & Joe had created an entire cat-themed range of cosmetics, from shadows and powders to paw-print and cat-face lipsticks. The packaging alone is worth checking out, so if you’re looking for a sweet gift for the cat fan in your life, this might be it. Click here and here to check out and shop their range online. Thanks, Mom! xo, grace

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