makeup for cat ladies

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that you never expect. I got a sweet package in the mail from my mom yesterday and it contained not one but two cat-related gifts. The first one was actually for a cat (Turk thoroughly enjoyed his catnip toy) and the second was for me, the cat-enthusiast. When I opened up the tiny Paul & Joe box I thought it was a box of face blotters (the kind that discreetly soak up excess oil), but it turned out to be a cat-themed and cat-shaped eye shadow! I’m not a huge makeup person, but if anything will get me to wear it, packaging shaped like a cat just might.

When I Googled around for more information, I found that Paul & Joe had created an entire cat-themed range of cosmetics, from shadows and powders to paw-print and cat-face lipsticks. The packaging alone is worth checking out, so if you’re looking for a sweet gift for the cat fan in your life, this might be it. Click here and here to check out and shop their range online. Thanks, Mom! xo, grace


i’m not really a cat girl and even i find this adorable . . . especially the paw print lipstick.


All I can say is… “YESS. Finally. Someone who understands me!”
These are too funny, I have to get some of these.


Cute! I would feel bad though, smushing up the kitty’s adorable little face on the lipstick. Better to go with the paw prints …


wow. aren’t you the bad influence! i’m home sick, which is never a good time to shop because i’m so catatonic, but this was too purrfect to pass up.


Too cute of my friends posted this on Facebook yesterday too..


Oh my goodness oh my goodness!! How cute is this!!! Love it! Where would I be without D*S to bring these things to my attention??


It doesn’t have cute packaging like this, but there is a mineral makeup brand called Meow Cosmetics. All the products have cat-themed names!


It’s very nice… I hope these products are not tested on animals…


Now I see where you got your clever curatorial eye! Good find, Mom!


seriously awesome product and packaging….but I’d save it forever and be unable to use it!

Kristy McInnis

Absolutley love love love. four cats of my own and i think this is fabuluos! It would be hard to use because it is so cute but I think a lot of cat owners of lovers will go out and buy this. Great marketing stratagy.