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living in: twin peaks

by amym

To call David Lynch’s 1990 TV show Twin Peaks a cult classic would be an understatement, a disrespect to the thousands who worship at the shrine of Agent Dale Cooper and the small Washington town he investigates. When the homecoming queen winds up in a body bag, the town’s thin veneer of respectability shatters, leaving TV viewers all over the world asking, Who killed Laura Palmer? — Amy Merrick

1. Vintage Framed Painting, $15; 2. Who Killed Laura Palmer Button, $1.75; 3. Best Friends Necklace, $23; 4. Cinnabar Mug, $13; 5. Canon A-1. $149; 6. Leather Diary, $79; 7. 1960s Plaid Skirt, $88; 8. Hancock and Moore Barstool; 9. Cherry Pie; 10. Bass Antonoff Saddle Shoes, $150

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With piles of donuts and wool plaid, armloads of logs and cups of coffee, Twin Peaks portrays the Pacific Northwest as cozy but surreal. Who wouldn’t want to share a slice of pie with Cooper or spend a night at the Great Northern Hotel? As along as I can curl up on the sidelines, I’m happy to watch the mystery unfold in all its melodramatic glory.

1. Dozen of Doughnuts, $12; 2. Log Set, $13; 3. Handmade Burl Bowl, $124; 4. Oliver Peoples “Edwin” Glasses; 5. Legend of Fogwoman, $130; 6. West Elm Zigzag Rug, $49+; 7. Sheriff’s Department Badge, available in May; 8. Coffee Carafe, $16; 9. Cassette Recorder, $21

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