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living in: chocolat

by amym

It doesn’t take much deep thinking to realize that living in a French chocolaterie in 1959 would be a good idea. Let’s pretend it was just a normal chocolaterie that wasn’t ridiculously cute and full of Johnny Depp — still a good idea. But because the preceding facts are also true, Chocolat is a no-brainer. I mean, do I even need to write the second paragraph to this post? Did you read the part about chocolate? And Johnny Depp? My work here is done. — Amy Merrick

1. Milk Glass Pendant, $199; 2. Heart Measuring Spoons, $48; 3. Chocolate Gourmet Truffles; 4. La Parfait Canister Set, $36; 5. Vintage Cloche, $195; 6. Vintage Metal Counter, $4995; 7. Antique Perrusson Tiles; 8. Vintage Shop Fixture, $1495; 9. Max & Chloe Pearl Earrings, $45

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No really. My work is actually done. No need to mention the small town Francequaint rustic charm or the gypsy meets respectable citizen mash-up of gorgeousness. Pitch-perfect outdoor meals in ancient stone courtyards? Lively dance parties on gypsy barges? Forget about them. No one cares. Chocolate. Johnny Depp. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

1. Vintage 1950s Dress, $208; 2. Ivory Flatware Set, $59; 3. Glass and Twine Lanterns, $20; 4. Ceramic Candlestick Holders, $75/pair; 5. Floral Napkins, $30; 6. Vintage French Folding Chairs, $150; 7. Dance Heels, $38; 8. Antique Butcher Table, $13999; 9. Simon Pearce Pie Dish, $85; 10. Wine Goblet, $32

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  • The movie is wonderful, I love jhonny deep and she is a great actress.. and the food? OMG
    great collection in this post

  • How did you know that all day long, I dream of living in Chocolat? And that scene with everyone eating at the long table outside was my inspiration for my rehearsal dinner– so magical! I love the pieces you found.

  • Great “Living In!”. This is the movie that made me become a chocolatier! My biz partner and I would later laugh about her making chocolate in beautiful dresses (as we cranked away most unglamorously in aprons and head wraps)…and wondered when Johnny Depp would come breezing in through our doors!

  • Great tiles (not sure about the two-tier cake stand though, doesn’t look French to me ;))
    I am very fond of the great round bowls they whisk their batter in. Funnily, we call them “cul de poule”, i.e. “hen’s ass”. No idea where it came from – is there any pastry chef reading Design Sponge today?

  • I’m not sure if I’ve already commented about his series in general, but it’s probably my favorite on Design Sponge! BTW- is there any way that I can contact Amy?

  • I agree – this is my favourite series on DS besides the Sneak Peeks, of course, and I happen to love chocolate. I mean what is not to love about the combination: Jonny Depp, chocolate, the French coutry side and adorable 50s dresses.

    Many greetings from Paris!

  • And let’s not forget Juliette’s hair in this, either. The world’s most perfect shade of brunette, ever. Sighhhh

  • I just watched this last weekend and throughout the whole thing I thought, “Amy should do a Living In post on this. This movie is beautiful and has a little of everything vintage: fashion, design, food, travel…” Love! So glad you were thinking the same thing. :)

  • Today is my the anniversary of my husband and my first date– and we went to see Chocolat and there was this huge thunderstorm so we sat in the car after the movie and watched the rain. 11 years later :). Beautiful post- and not just because I’m biased!

  • I haven’t seen this movie yet, but looking at all this wonderful chocolate makes me want to see it now…yum now I want an afternoon snack (going to go try and sneak some chocolate here in the office)!

  • Adore this post. I’ll come ’round later and get that squeak out your door…

  • I just watched Chocolat on Sunday for the first time in years, I immensely enjoyed what a beautiful movie it is. Love your post!

  • I want her to throw ME a birthday party. Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed of it. Come on Judi Dench! First you get to be in Pride and Prejudice, AND you get to have the picture perfect dream birthday party? Leave some magic for the rest of us!

  • WOW how amazing would it be to live in Chocolat, I love the blue and white tiles, they would have been awesome in our kitchen. xox

  • They don’t make backsplashes like that anymore! Makes me wish I has done some serious antique store hunting before purchasing glass tiles.
    Inspired to add some hot cocoa to my morning coffee before reading the new Biz Ladies article!

  • Love love love your living in segments. You really bring it to life. I can’t believe you found the tiles! Love the hanging lanterns as well, I would love to have those in my back yard. Whenever you do these segments, it really makes me feel like I can make my home feel like my favorite movies!! Thanks!!

  • This is one of my favorite movies! I was so enchanted when it came out and would watch it over and over. I personally also think it’s the best Johnny Depp has ever looked ;)

  • One of my absolutely favorite movies of all times!! I would love to have some of these items for my home – and the clothes!!! oh my ..

  • It has been ages since I’ve seen that movie. LOVE it. I also love what you put together. That 1950’s dress needs to find a home in my closet.

  • YAY! I’ve been hoping you’d do a Living In Chocolat!!! I want her cream boiled wool sweater with the flowers embroidered on it. I lust for that sweater! And her hair. But what about the red shoes? “Other mothers don’t wear red shoes!” I’m a bit of a Chocolat fan, from day one. Love this movie. Everything about it is wonderful.

  • I adore this movie, thank you!!! Anything written by Joanne Harris seems to have this rich tapestry of food, music & terroire built right in. Thanks for this – made my day. Heidi

  • This had me sooo excited! This is one of my favorite movies. I’ve watched it over a dozen times already. I can’t get enough of the old world charm, chocolate, pinup style, and jonny dep. I am such a fan of the clothing of the two main women. Thank you for posting this movie this week!

  • Vienne is my style idol, last year I held a chocolat dinner party just like the birthday party she throws. Best night of my life. Thank you for doing this, you read my mind.

  • you made me laugh so hard from the first lines ::)))))))))) you are so right Amy your job is complete!
    good job!
    p.s. chocolate is one of my fav movies ever :)
    thank you for featuring it today!

  • All I have ever known about Chocolat I learned from Jimmy Fallon: “Chocolat was so choco-long and choco-boring, I want my choco-money back.” Oh Jimmy, now I know better. This is gorgeous!

  • I adore this movie!!! It is a great double feature with “Big Night” which also is great food movie. Yes and it truly is ” a mash up of gorgeousness”!

  • A friend forwarded your link! Love your post! Love Johnny Depp (Who doesn’t)! But most of all we love Chocolate!
    We just had to live the dream, so we created Shabby Chocolat!
    Thank you for sharing the passion, a lovely read with lovely photos!

  • “I’ll be back to fix that squeak in your door.” Wink. Sigh – oh, Johnny! Love this post!

    Sorry you didn’t find any of the classic scoop/boat neck dresses Ms. Binoche wore in this role – so perfectly feminine and Womanly – capital WO! I don’t have the figure to wear a dress like that, but I think I would keep it in my closet to inspire me every time I open the doors.

    The other thing I love about this film is the cinematography of the food and chocolate preparation. It looks so good you want to run head first into the screen to slide across the marble table where they temper the chocolate. And Alfred Molina – when he first tastes that tiny bit of bittersweet chocolate and goes on his cackling, crying binge – genius!

    Did I mention I love this film? :-)

  • Ya ! You missed the red pumps ! :) But , yeah, what a lovely thought … Johnny Depp and chocolates and that lovely French town .. sighhhh …