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living in: almost famous

by amym

Almost Famous hit me hard as a teenager. To leave behind the Dullsville hallways of high school and hit the road with the likes of fictional band Stillwater was all my 15-year-old heart could dream of. Rollicking tour buses, bedroom floors covered in records, an early 70s appreciation for classic rock — these were my prerequisites for a modern education. — Amy Merrick

1. Steno Notebook, $3; 2. Metal Clip Sunglasses, $45; 3. Papermate Pencil, $10/dozen; 4. Neigh Preston Shearling Coat, $3443; 5. Jet Set Storage Bench, $249; 6. RCA Voice Recorder, $23; 7. Solo Cups, $10/50; 8. Report Platforms, $74; 9. Cream Wheels of Fire, $19; 10. Crosley Portable Turntable, $160

The second set of stills and product round-up continue after the jump . . .

Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical story follows William Miller, a high school nerd turned Rolling Stone writer, as he reports from the road with a fledgling, increasingly famous band. Piles of polaroids and girls await at each stop, as well as some not-to-miss cool 1970s style. The soundtrack alone changed the course of my young adult life. Loud and proud, I’m a band-aid for life.

1. Fender Picks, $4; 2. Restored SX-70 Polaroid Camera, $350; 3. Sportmax Hat, $70; 4. Willow Glasses, $128; 5. Leather Butterfly Chair, $199; 6. 1960s Bristol Coach Model Bus; 7. Tiger’s Eye Ring, $15; 8. Pan-Am Passport Cover, $18; 9. Duffel Bag, $48; 10. Crosley Pay Phone, $90

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  • Absolutely love this movie. Kate Hudson was magical and Tiny Dancer is still one of my favorite songs because of it.

  • OH this post just made me so so so so happy, this is my favorite movie ever and I would have to agree with what you said about the soundtrack…genius!!!

  • YESSSSS !!!! AMY! You pick the best movies! This one is tied for first place in my heart (with Motorcycle Diaries – two very different movies I know;)

  • Love this movie. Kate Hudson at her best. Zooey Deschanel, Frances McDormand and Patrick Whatshisname. Brilliant.

    Ah tiny dancer…

  • Always ALWAYS my favorite movie and soundtrack. And now I have my mood music for the rest of the day! Thanks!

  • Thanks for this! This movie never fails to cheer me up every single time I watch it. That’s how I know it’s my very favorite. Spot on.

  • Woot! So happy to see this! Excellent film with a kickin’ soundtrack! Makes me yearn for the days when it cost less than $20 to see big named acts (When I was 16 I saw the Rolling Stones for $15), sadly those days are long gone now.

  • I can’t tell you how THRILLED I was to see this post. Almost Famous is my favorite movie for so many reasons, one being it’s gorgeous!

  • i absolutely LOVE this movie…one of my favorites…and i can’t get enough of the soundtrack…so rich so rock and roll!!! i can watch it again and again :)

  • That coat! The late Nigel Preston made/makes some of the best leather out there. Wife Brenda Knight still does clothing. I’ve nothing to do with their company, I have some clothing. Preston’s leathers were worn by the big 70s glam rock artists of the 70s and 80s though. I didn’t know of this movie but I like the style…

  • I love this movie!!! That ‘Tiny Dancer’ scene in the bus is so great, and yes….the clothes, the music, the wonderful energy of the times….ok, need to start hacking into my ‘Must Watch Again’ movie list here, or it will soon be out of hand, LOL….

    Thanks, Heidi

  • Oh, thank you thank you thank you for this!

    Since high school when it came out, I have loved this movie, so much because of the amazing cinematography, costumes, and set design! I think I’ve been waiting for this in a Living In. You do such a good job with them, and I am so visually focused and observant in movies that it’s so great to see elements pulled out because I think about recreating the look all the time!

    Penny Lane definitely inspired a few hippie chic outfits for me in 2003!

    Thanks again!

  • This movie is amazing. What a gifted life he has had. The best bit is watching the DVD extras and listening to Cameron describe the experience and the fantastic icons that he met.