by Grace Bonney

It feels like this week is all about Valentine’s Day. Our submission inbox is filled with great new cards and gift ideas, and it’s been fun to see what clever ideas artists have this year. One of my favorites is a new online shop — Litterae from Betsy Dunlap — filled with beautiful French valentines. Inspired by a stack of old French letters her friend brought back from Paris, Betsy decided to offer custom lettered valentines this year written on vintage 1920s Parisian postcards. Each valentine will be hand-lettered by Betsy, mailed in envelopes lined with marbled yellow paper and sealed with gold washi tape. Betsy even mails the valentines with vintage postage stamps. I love this as a sweet way to send someone a message without going the traditional card route or if, like me, your handwriting leaves much to be desired. Click here to check out Betsy’s new shop and order a valentine (Betsy will be taking valentine orders through February 7th). xo, grace

*Betsy will launch a stationery line at Litterae this spring. Stay tuned!

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