jessica decker

Giant cross-stitches have been an obsession of ours for a while now. Kate has been dreaming up projects we could do that play with scale in a bigger way, so we were thrilled to see these pieces from artist and art director Jessica Decker in Detroit. Jessica creates large-scale cross-stitches (she showcased one in a previous Before & After) on colored canvas using a variety of yarns. I love how large these pieces are and the big role that the yarn’s texture plays when you scale things up like this. Jessica does custom work and creates pre-made pieces, both of which you can check out online right here. Thanks to Jessica for sharing these with us and to photographer Cybelle Codish for sharing these photos. xo, grace

becky mercado

Very interesting. Again, I love oversized art and accessories. I wonder if she sews on material first and stretches on canvas. I’ve got to try this.


Ive been following this girl, love her work – esp Make It Rain!


Love her work! I have a specific question about the first photo (I have been looking for the designer of that couch for ages). Could you help me determine who the manufacturer or designer of the couch?


I feel like my kindergartners would LOVE to work on a project like this. It looks really simple and fun!