icy lampshades

by Grace Bonney

These icy lampshades are cooling me down this morning because I’m still steaming after last night’s Oscars ceremony. Not because of who won/lost but because apparently, the host, Billy Crystal, decided it was cool to mock people based on their weight, race and gender. Seriously? I’m still angry about it. So to cool myself down, I’m focusing my attention on these “Icy Lampshades” made using a unique wire crochet technique called ISK, or invisible spool knitting. Created by Yoola, each handmade lampshade is available right here on Etsy, but you can also join Yoola’s online workshop and learn how to make your own. Whether you’d like to buy or build, there’s an option online. xo, grace

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  • You might need an ice house. He was offensive and also, so boring. Ready for some sneak peeks to get my mind off it!

  • And age! He made some cringe-worthy cracks about Christopher Plummer’s age and the fact that he might just wander up on stage at some point in the evening, as though the age of 82 must surely equal dementia.

    • linda

      oh i know, it was awful. he even made a crack at moms, too. when melissa leo went up he made some comment about her trying to run people’s lives and then said, “well, she is a mother after all.”. i mean, come on. i listen to a lot of comedy albums and can tolerate a pretty edgy type of humor, but it all felt so lame, lazy and just plain dumb. don’t even get me started on the black women in beverly hills line. lord.


  • I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars, but I read your comments on Twitter -very disappointing! And then we wonder why tease and ‘bully’ each other when adults are praised and payed very well to do just that. I hope more voices speak up!! So glad you did!

  • I thought Billy Crystal was awful as well. It was finally a year where there was the tiniest bit of diversity without the whole “ooh a black lady has been nominated…no, wait…TWO black ladies were nominated!” in the press. They were nominated because they were awesome, end of story. Then, for him to make that crack about black women in BH. Just gross. Also, I really hated the little self-indulgent movies where they interview actors about how very wonderful and fabulous and influential they are because they make movies. Please! Start a charity, invent something, volunteer…then I’ll be impressed.
    BTW, these lampshades ARE lovely!

  • I totally agree with all of you about Billy Crystal. It’s time for him to retire. Everything he said was in such bad taste, inappropriate and just plain dumb. He ruined it fo me. I wish Whoopie would host again. I’d like to learn more about the beautiful lampshades.