heart part utensil set

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some heart-related product, right? To celebrate the holiday, I’m sharing these cute little plastic utensil sets from designer Fatima Fazal. Each set contains 10 biodegradable polystyrene hearts that break into 20 utensil pieces. Part fork, part spoon and part knife, this handy tool would be fun to pack for a camping trip with your loved one or just a sweet summer picnic. Click here to pick up a set for only $10 online at The Future Perfect. xo, grace

More images of the utensils after the jump . . .


oh this is just perfect for today and every other days :) so sweet. have a Happy Valentine’s Day.


I saw this at the international gift fair in NYC where I met the designer! very unique, she also made a cute video for it. I got a free sample its very fun!

The Simple Life

I don’t get this – some photos of how to use this thing would be more appropriate. Looks cute but not like a functional eating utensil.

Grace Bonney

Simple life

You can see a few shots of this further down the post- you can also check out the designers site for a video in action.



As cute as they are, these look very impractical for eating anything other than food that could be picked up by a toothpick. I bet anything else you try to eat with them such as rice, noodles, etc will be a very messy affair, especially if you are holding them by the same side you cut the food with >_<


I love it!!!!! love the idea, love the colors, love the packaging!!! and the video is amazing too! super cute!!!
(and yes, maybe is difficult to eat rice with it, but neither you can have soup with a fork! haha!)
go hearts!