hanging sphere planter

Winter seems to be slipping by us without so much as a peep these days. We’ve only seen one tiny snow storm and rather than our standard “wintery mix” of slush and ice, it’s been sunny and close to 50 most days. While I can’t pretend it doesn’t creep me out to have such a warm winter, I’m happy that it means I can start looking at plants a little bit earlier this year.

This hanging Sphere Planter was designed by Stephen Green while he was working in the Industrial Design/Space Architect division at N.A.S.A. in Houston. If that sentence alone doesn’t make you curious about its origins, I don’t know what else will. Stephen was inspired by the liquid fuel tanks and engines on the Saturn 5 and decided to create this planter as a side project, which he ended up later selling to friends. After a move to Tokyo, Stephen started a ceramics company with a friend from RISD and now they sell these beautiful planters online at their Etsy shop. Each of these hanging planters can be hung or used as a stand-alone planter on a windowsill or tabletop. The planter (which is handmade in Tokyo) allows excess water to drain from the plant and creates a nice contrast between the plant and the sculptural form of the object. If you’re looking to bring a little nature into your home, click here to check out the planter in more detail and order one online ($36). Thanks, Stephen! xo, grace

Jenni Bailey

Beautiful. His candle holders are great, too. (P.S. I agree with you about the creepiness of this warm winter. It’s unsettling.)

Grace Bonney


it’s awful, right? every time i smile because it’s warm i’m immediately cooled down by the scary realization that this is probably a global warming issue and not something i should be enjoying :(


Michael Davis

Great design love the lines. just ordered 5 as gifts. looking forward to getting them.