hand-painted ceramics by yevgenia

Amy and I are being spoiled rotten having Kate Pruitt in town to work with us. She’s constantly inspiring us with great project ideas and fresh perspectives, so I’m excited to be working as a real team this week. Before the three of us put our heads together to work on the site and some new projects, I wanted to share these sweet hand-painted ceramics from Yevgenia. I’ve unfairly judged baby’s breath for years as one of my least favorite flowering plants, but it looks really lovely on these tumblers and plates. Coupled with the shiny gold flowers on Yevgenia’s custom travel mug, it makes tiny flowers on everything seem like a good idea. Click here to check out all of her hand-painted options and shop online. xo, grace

Forgotten Fancies

So pretty. Baby’s breathe was my favourite flower when I was little but I was told by everyone they were the uncoolest of all uncool flowers. I still love them to death thou, just don’t shout it out to everyone nowadays.


I love the travel mug! Beautiful design and contrast with the details in gold.