Yesterday we were sitting around the office (our new office rugs came!), and Kate said to me, “Grace, I have a submission I think you’re going to love.” The next words that came out of her mouth pretty much sealed the deal: “There’s a bunny jumping on a trampoline!” That was all I needed to hear — my morning post decision was made. These funny new home designs are from a company called HAM. Launched last summer, the entire line follows “unexpected moments” from the lives of a pig, horse and rabbit. I love that concept for a collection, and frankly, if it results in more tea towels that deal with bouncing rabbits, I’m in. Click here to check out the full collection online and place an order. Every time I view the url (hammade.com), I think it’s a funny animal-spin on “homemade.” It doesn’t take much to make me laugh this early in the morning. xo, grace

Pigs mowing the lawn? I love it!


LOVE the bunny on a trampoline! The pig on a scooter is great too…im off to check out more Ham products!x


Ha! Those made me laugh as well. Especially the little pig riding the rocking horse. Made me think of this ridiculous YouTube video that my husband got all my nieces hooked on (baby monkey riding on a pig): http://youtu.be/5_sfnQDr1-o. Warning: the stupid song will get stuck in your head. Ha.

Emily M

The little piggy cracks me up the most! (the mowing and scooter riding silhouettes).
I am so glad I saw this post. I needed this today.

Thanks for sharing!!! :)


love these! and what’s more I was a bit stuck for the final part of my dad’s birthday present…and these came along…and they’re british so no need to wait/pay for transatlantic shipping. Win all round!


I am so disappointed I can’t seem to send you a photo of our goat who loved napping and jumping on our trampoline. Once a new neighbor stopped by and said ” is that a deer on your trampoline?”. I said, “No, Its a goat”. He left and has never returned!