glazed jewels

It’s funny how some trends seem to come and go, and some need only appear once and they’re forever ingrained in our minds. For me, that “forever” trend/style (which I guess makes it less of a trend and more of a tradition for me) is facets. I’ve been following them like a devoted groupie since 2006, when I wrote one of my first mini-trend posts on the look. And despite my best efforts to embrace curves over angles, those faceted edges win me over every time. Over the weekend, Kate and I were shopping around Brooklyn when we stumbled onto these incredible glazed jewels by Michele Quan. I wrote about Michele’s amazing clay bells last year, but these may be my new favorite pieces of hers. Their sweet faceted edges are slightly irregular, and I love the subtle (and colorful) lines that Michele used to enhance the form. These would be great to display, to use as a dramatic paperweight or, in my wildest dreams, as a modern garden decoration nestled between succulents. You can view more of Michele’s jewel designs right here and buy them in person (approximately $175 each) at Scosha. xo, grace

More images of Michelle’s jewels after the jump . . .


I have an ever-growing little “geo” board on pinterest. I was so happy to see these jewels on d*s this morning (well really the last three posts), as my own clay work has been heavily influenced lately by geometric forms. Love this trend – thank you for sharing!

gabrielle falk

I think there is an art form called “Tondo”???? (Italian) that is a PAINTING ON ROCKS – I have several of these with cats painted on them. The rocks are actually selected to suit the shape of the painting . One of my Tondo’s is a rock painted with a cat in the curled/sleeping position. Guess you could use rocks rather than clay, which would be more durable. The rocks are usually smooth pebbles depending on what u want to paint. How good to come across a rock painted with a cat/dog/rabbit/fairy??? in the garden in a secret nook? Gabrielle from ‘OZ’


Beautiful, funny these facets remind me a little of the spinning tops that I played with as a child, showing my age I know.