flux glass

by Grace Bonney

I first discovered Dennis Smith’s work in 2010 when he emailed me a photograph of a giant horse head mirror. I’m pretty sure I emailed Amy (our resident equestrian enthusiast at D*S) right away to tell her that she was going to love this submission. Dennis had just launched his Etsy shop, and I loved his sweet but simple mirrors and the larger scale of some of his pieces. So I was happy to see him interviewed on the Etsy home page this weekend and to check out what he has been up to these days. I was glad to find some new pieces that are definitely being added to my wish list — namely his mirrored bunting. I’ve grown a little tired of the tiny, twee cake bunting that’s been popular for the last few years, but this larger-scale heavy bunting is a nice twist on the trend. Dennis’ heart, state and crest mirrors are really nice, too. All 50 states are available, so if you don’t see yours in his Etsy shop, just drop Dennis a line to request your favorite. Click here to check out Dennis’ latest work and shop online (each piece is drawn and made by hand from upcycled glass). xo, grace

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