dylan design

Kate, Amy and I have been hunting like crazy for a good lighting system to hang over our main work table in the office. As much as we love the bright, natural light we get in our space, it tends to fade quickly around 4pm, and working on computers becomes difficult. Kate did some searching last night and came across this beautiful faceted (I’m apparently reprising my role as facet queen this week) walnut light from designer Dylan Grey. Each light is a solid chunk of walnut cut from a naturally fallen tree. They are hand cut (so they’re all slightly different) and finished with teak oil to give them a natural shine. I love the colorful cord, and Dylan Design even offers a range of colored cloth cords if you want to try a different shade. If you’re looking to add a little light to your space, click here to check out Dylan Design’s full selection and shop online (this single pendant is $225). xo, grace


I wonder where everyone is getting their colored electric cables! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some fluorescent cords like the ones at this UK shop (http://www.colouredcable.com/) to modify one of my lamps, but I haven’t found any similar US stores. I really like this trend because cords & cables are usually so ugly – it’s nice to be able to make them a cute part of your decor!