doug johnston bags

by Grace Bonney

This weekend while I was organizing my closet, I realized that I only have two bags in my life: an animal print mini bag and a Reading Frenzy canvas tote. Because I splurged majorly on the first one, I wear it just about everywhere. But I’m starting to wear the print off of it, so I think I should retire it from daily use for a while. I’m fine taking my canvas tote most other places, but every now and then I wish I had an in-between daily bag that could pass as something a little nicer. While going through adorable toddler photos on Rena Tom’s Flickr page this weekend, I think I found my solution: handmade rope bags by Doug Johnston.

These beautiful totes are made from 200 feet of 100% cotton sash cord and are both durable and chic. I love the classic color choices (the red bottom is so cute) and think this would be perfect for wearing around town to run errands and then transitioning to a casual night out. The rope will get softer and more pliable with age, so it seems this bag will only get better over time. If you’re looking for a new handmade bag, click here to check out (and shop) Doug’s collection online. He always makes a fantastic series of baskets, trivets and buckets, too. xo, grace

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