doug johnston bags

This weekend while I was organizing my closet, I realized that I only have two bags in my life: an animal print mini bag and a Reading Frenzy canvas tote. Because I splurged majorly on the first one, I wear it just about everywhere. But I’m starting to wear the print off of it, so I think I should retire it from daily use for a while. I’m fine taking my canvas tote most other places, but every now and then I wish I had an in-between daily bag that could pass as something a little nicer. While going through adorable toddler photos on Rena Tom’s Flickr page this weekend, I think I found my solution: handmade rope bags by Doug Johnston.

These beautiful totes are made from 200 feet of 100% cotton sash cord and are both durable and chic. I love the classic color choices (the red bottom is so cute) and think this would be perfect for wearing around town to run errands and then transitioning to a casual night out. The rope will get softer and more pliable with age, so it seems this bag will only get better over time. If you’re looking for a new handmade bag, click here to check out (and shop) Doug’s collection online. He always makes a fantastic series of baskets, trivets and buckets, too. xo, grace

More images of Doug’s work continue after the jump . . .


I was so happy to see you love his work too! I love *all* of Doug Johnston’s pieces. Simple, beautiful and useful. *a


I looooooove these! They are making little hearts and rainbows and sparkly confetti shoot out of my eyes. (That’s a good thing.)


Awesome work, Doug Johnston. I am in love with you and your sweet totes. Can I use your drill press?


I just received my bag from Doug last week and LOVE it. So stylish and comfortable. Two ways to hold it. Hands down my favorite bag!


I really love these pieces. I have never heard of this artist/designer before, but I have used this technique of coiling cotton cording with colored thread to make large baskets for my home. My baskets aren’t as sculptural as most of Doug Johnston’s creations, of course :). It is a simple, quick, and quite inexpensive DIY project for people who can’t afford to buy these beauties.